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Grill Pellets All Flavors (per 20 lb Bag)

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Ultra-premium hardwoods blended for superior permeation and smoke


Rancher's Mesquite

A strong and bold southwest Texas taste, our Rancher's Mesquite blended with Pacific Alder adds a sensational campfire flavor.

Gourmet Blend

 This blend of Oak, Cherry, and Pecan wood is a perfect pairing for all sorts of red meat. Its strong smoky flavors add a pronounced flavor to your meats.

Pacific Alder

 A long time favorite for smoking fish, Pacific Alder adds a slight, but distinct flavor, with a hint of sweetness.

Mountain Maple

 Mountain Maple with a hint of Pacific Alder emits a mellow mild smoke enhancing meats with subtle sweetness that contributes to a flavor-packed taste.

Northwest Apple

 Strongest of the fruitwoods, our Northwest Apple, along with Pacific Alder, creates a succulent sweetness that permeates all meat.

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