Seasonings and Spices
For over 55 years, NWBS has crafted the regions most popular and traditional seasonings and cures. Using only the finest level of base spices, our pre-measured units are in use in the industries smallest and largest meat processing facilities.  To further collaborate with our customers, our private blenders are capable of producing recipes based on a sample or actual ingredient list and can be packaged in whatever medium desired. Try the complete line of Ken's Seasonings and Spices.

No matter what needs your business demands for product packaging, NWBS is available to support it. From butcher paper and tape dispensers to custom labels and bags, we are here to be your one stop shop.

Look to NWBS for consistent, uniform casings. Our fully stocked inventory of fibrous, collagen and natural casings offer the highest yields in the industry. Our collagen casings offer the strand length, uniformity and efficiency that you need in your operation. Whether for fresh or processed meats, clear, red and mahogany are available. In fibrous casings, our inventory includes red, clear and mahogany colors, as well as superb strength, size, consistency and moderate permeability of moisture and smoke. Ultra-permeable, while maintaining shelf life and appearance, our natural sheep and hog casings are superior to any on the market today. Our sheep casings are imported from New Zealand, while our hog casings are from North America.

Whether your operation is just getting started, or has been incorporated for years, NWBS has the experience, product knowledge, and relationships to help you streamline your operation and expand your profits. Our equipment line is comprised of only the best in the world. Give us a call for your next machinery purchase. We are here to help!

Plates/Knives/Saw Blades
Time is money. That's why when we designed our line of band saw blades, grinder plates and knives, we opted to use only the highest in quality steels from the world's best manufacturers. This allows for less change-out time and more production. We carry a full line of plates, knives, and saw blades for every machine on the market.  Re-surfacing is also available!

The NWBS team is knowledgable in all aspects of cutlery design and manufacturing. Choose from a huge selection of sizes, blade designs, and pricing. Our product line is the largest and most competitive in the business.