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NBS Vac 310 - Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine

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$ 1,690.00

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The NBS Vac310-1Bar, vacuum chamber sealer, is built like a tank and designed with a focus on speed and versatility.  Capable of sealing up to 16″x20″ vacuum bags, the Vac310 can accommodate a wide variety of products.  The 7″ maximum chamber height provides ample room for sealing high profile products and the extra-wide, 10mm seal wire, is a unique feature for a machine at this price point.  At the heart of every vacuum sealer is the vacuum pump and the Vac310 is equipped with a highly efficient 1.25 hp vacuum pump that outperforms most 1.5 hp vacuum pumps.  Capable of removing 99% of the air in just 20 seconds, the Vac310 vacuum chamber sealer is built for speed and efficiency.
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